Pollworker Information

Working the polls on Election Day is a rewarding opportunity to participate in the election process.  Up to 1000 poll workers provide Allen County voters with this invaluable service on Election Day.  Allen County poll workers must be registered voters and residents of Allen County. 


If you are eligible, it is as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Call the Political Party or Complete this Application

Contact one of the major political party organizations in Allen County to be nominated as an Election Day poll worker.  Each voting location needs at least one Inspector, two Judges, and two Clerks. Contact the Allen County Democratic Party at 478-8239 or Allen County Republican Party at 422-1554 to sign up.


2. Participate in Training Classes


The Election Board conducts educational meetings for all precinct election officials. Inspectors are required to attend one of these meetings. All poll workers are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings as part of their official Election Day duties.


3. Show up at your assigned location on Election Day

Prepare for a rewarding day of serving your fellow Hoosiers.




Precinct Board – the Precinct Board consists of the Inspector and two Judges. The Poll Clerks, Assistant Clerks, Assistant Judges and Greeters are all precinct officials, but not board members.


Inspector – Each polling location has one Inspector who acts as the “manager” of the precinct.  With the two Judges, the Inspector decides all matters that come before the precinct board. In Allen County, the Inspector is nominated by the county Chairman of the Republican party.


Judges – There are two Judges in each precinct – one from each party.  The Judges assist the Inspector in making decisions on matters that come before the board.  The Judge from the opposite political party of the Inspector must accompany the Inspector in returning election supplies to the Election Board on Election Night.


Poll Clerks – the Poll Clerks assist voters in the process of signing the poll list and provide each voter’s ballot assignment information to the Judges.  





Democratic Judge

Republican JudgeClerks
Base Pay (includes meal allowance) $200.00$85.00$85.00$85.00
Training Meeting $25.00$25.00$25.00
Return Supplies $10.00  
Monday Night Set Up $10.00$10.00