News and Voting Updates


June 23, 2021

Jack E. Morris was sworn in as the new Democratic Board member of the Allen County Election Board.  Jack has been actively involved in the Allen County Democratic Party, serving as Chairman.  A native of Fort Wayne, Jack has been an attorney with the firm of Benson, Pantello and Morris since 1983.  


June 14, 2021

Timothy M. Pape submitted his letter of resignation as the Democratic Board member of the Allen County Election Board on June13,  2021.  Tim served on the board since March, 2013.  Thomas A. Hardin, Chairman of the Election Board thanked Tim for his years of service and his dedication and analysis of matters brought before the Board.  Christopher M. Nancarrow, Allen County Clerk and fellow board member said that Tim’s insights and perspectives were essential to serve local voters with fair and accurate elections.   Tim’s replacement will be nominated by the current Allen County Democratic Party Chairman, Derek Camp. 


June, 2021

The Allen County Election Board announced the debut of their new website located at  The website was completely redesigned to be more appealing and functional for voters, especially for mobile users.  The site also has improved security.   


May, 2021

Listen to WBOI Presents Election Law with panelists from the Allen County Election Board.