Nov 2019 Award Winners


Pollworkers receive first ACEB Jeanne Nicolet delivering democracy award

Shown from left to right: Judith Kohrman, Marina Davidson, Julie Workman and Ho Mai Da, recipients of the Jeanne Nicolet Delivering Democracy Award.  Not shown Jonathan Fettig. 


The Allen County Election Board awarded the first Jeanne Nicolet Delivering Democracy Award to five pollworkers who provided outstanding service to Allen County voters in the November 5 Municipal Election. 


The five, Julie Workman, Jonathan Fettig, Judith Kohrman, Marina Davidson and Ho Mai Da, were honored for their extraordinary efforts when faced with an emergency on Election morning.  The person assigned to open the doors for the workers at the American Legion 330 in New Haven was involved in a car accident on the way to the location and was unable to meet the pollworkers at the assigned time.  While the workers waited for someone else to open the doors, Julie Workman, the Inspector, soon realized that the location would likely not open by 6:00 AM and called the Election Board pollworker hotline to report the incident. The Board advised Julie that the polls must open at 6 AM and she must use the emergency ballots that were located in her supplies while waiting for further assistance. Julie and her team proceeded to set up to accept voters outside the building. 


At 6 AM, the polls were opened. Using headlights for illumination, the workers used the Poll Pads in battery power mode to check voters in. Voters were provided emergency paper ballots.  The unusual process continued for about one-half hour until the doors of the location could be opened.


“This is exactly the kind of dedication to the voting process that Jeanne exemplified throughout her election career,” said Beth Dlug, Director of Elections. “These workers showed the type of calm determination that was required to deliver democracy under extraordinary circumstances.”