Make Sure Your Mailed Ballot Counts

Read the green Absentee Voter’s Bill of Rights included in your mailed ballot package about your rights and responsibilities.

  • Personally mark your own ballot
  • Check your ballot for 2 sets of initials from the election board (your ballot will not count if these initials are not present)
    • If your ballot does not have these initials, request a replacement ballot by calling the Election Board at 260-449-7329
  • Complete, sign and date the affidavit on the security envelope (ABS-6)
  • Seal the ABS-6 envelope
  • Return the ballot before 6:00 PM on Election Day by
    • Mail or bonded courier
    • Hand-delivery to the Election Board office at the Rousseau Centre, 1 East Main, Suite 172, Fort Wayne, 46802
    • Hand-delivery to one of the early voting satellite locations during early voting hours
    • Deliver to one of the following people who can drop off your ballot for your:  your spouse, parent, father in-law, mother in-law, child, son in-law, daughter in-law, brother in-law, sister in-law, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandparent, grandchild, any member of your household or your attorney-in-fact.  They will be required to complete an affidavit and attach a copy of their power of attorney (if appropriate) with the Election Board office.
    •  You can track your mailed ballot on line at Click on Visit My Voter Portal, enter your information and find the Absentee Ballot Information.